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CSC Land Group

Posted by Terence on 3rd December 2018
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Headquartered in Singapore with a completion of 186 projects in the local area, CSC Land Group is an established that places strong emphasis on the people, constantly adapting and improving to satisfy the customers needs. Passionate, resilient and meticulous, CSC Land Group has employees who are dedicated to their craft in delivering exquisite property developments with the belief that every space tells a story, and they want to bring the best environment specially attuned for you to pursue your goals and dreams, whether it is to spend quality time with your family or pursuit for a successful career. Because your home is more than just a place where you live; it is your own world.

With the combination of talented employees and the willingness to understand your needs, CSC Land Group has won numerous awards which reflects heavily on their expertise and professionalism in the industry. Out of the total 133 awards that they have won, 39 of them are BCA Construction Excellence Awards, 29 of them are Green Mark Awards, 12 of them are HDB Construction Awards, 5 of them are BCA Quality Excellence Awards Consecutive 5 Years and 1 BCA Built Environment Leadership Award, attesting to their pursuit in sustainable and quality development to suit their customers needs.

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